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To all our Bridgeport voters, we have installed a secure absentee ballot drop-box at 6204 Dixie Hwy on the street we used to go to the old Township office. It’s right next to the fire station and is a drive-up drop-box. This box has a security camera pointed at it for safety and will be emptied multiple times a day.

Having this box located closer to downtown Bridgeport will save everyone from having to navigate the construction at our current Township office location. With the overwhelming response for absentee ballots we are manning a booth inside the township office to accept your filled-out ballot and any questions or requests you may have. Our absentee ballot numbers are almost three times normal, but we will still have fully manned precincts on November 3rd with all the safety requirements to keep everyone safe from Covid-19.

You can go to and do many things about voting like registering to vote, changing your address, requesting an absentee ballot or to track your ballot. When these ballots are received in our office, we first check to make sure they are properly signed by you and verified with our records and then are locked away until November 3rd to be counted. To the people who have requested a ballot, and we have not received it back by two weeks before the election, they will be getting a reminder postcard to get that ballot in to be counted.

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