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Winter doldrums got you down? Make plans to plant a tree (or ten!) in your yard come spring to improve your local habitat. Trees are both beautiful and functional. They shade your house from scorching sun in the summer and block it from icy winds in the winter. A mature tree canopy can intercept 1600 gallons of rainwater per year; this is stormwater that may otherwise run off of roofs and streets, causing pollution to local water bodies. Trees improve air quality by catching dust in the air and provide valuable habitat for birds and other wildlife.

When selecting trees for your yard, it is best to plant a variety of natives to prevent the spread of disease. By interspersing conifers and deciduous trees, you will ensure that your landscape is verdant throughout the year. Choose a fruiting tree, such as a chokecherry or plum, to attract birds and maybe even give yourself a canning project come fall.

Remember; for safety sake do not plant trees near the road right of way, keep at least sixty feet from the center of the road. Trees within the road right of way may be removed for safety of those traveling our area roads.

You can find trees at your local nursery or take part in an Arbor Day tree sale through your city or local Soil and Water Conservation District.