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On behalf of the Township Board and our staff, I would like to welcome you to our Citizens Guide and Financial Dashboard. This report and tools have been developed and implemented as a way for citizens to better understand the Township’s scope of activities, financial obligations, and fiscal health. Citizens have a rightful expectation that the Township will do everything it practically can to maintain high-quality public services while minimizing the requirements for financing these services in the form of taxes and fees on citizens.

Citizens are invited to be aware of the facts surrounding these issues and to make informed judgments about the proper fiscal direction of the Township. Proper translation of these issues and the relevant data maximizes the opportunity for citizens to be knowledgeable and engaged.

It goes without saying that the Citizen’s Guide, having been promoted by the Governor’s Office, is an ideal tool to communicate our financial and public service priorities effectively to the Governor’s Office and to our legislative partners. We hope you find the information valuable.

The Township of Bridgeport, located in Saginaw County Michigan, has a well-deserved reputation for being a great place to live and conduct business. Bridgeport is home to 10,514 residents, is easily accessible via Interstate 75, and has many amenities and attractions. Bridgeport has a colorful history, which you may see by visiting our Historical Village next to our fire station.

Our website is designed to provide user-friendly access to information including: services, general information, forms, ordinances, zoning and other land information, and programs and activities available to our residents, business owners and visitors. We hope you will take time to view the website and submit suggestions on how we might improve upon it.

I wish to thank our staff for their support in making this report possible.

Rose Licht, Township Manager