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All burning permits are suspended until further notice. Our area is considered to be in the "Very High" to "Extreme" fire danger category. It will likely take an all-day rain or so to correct this. Thus we do not see outdoor burning of yard waste being permitted for some time. We will post here if that situation does change.

You can still enjoy a campfire as long as it is within a protected ring, under 3 feet in diameter and does not include anything but logs. No grass clippings in your burn pit. If you do have a campfire make sure it is not windy (over 10 mph) and the fire is completely extinguished (soaked with water) before walking away.

Before calling 911 to report someone burning, do us a favor and let them know of the ban. They may not know and may put the fire out. It does put a strain on our limited personnel to go looking at every single instance. By all means if the person refuses to heed the warning, call 911. Thank you for your cooperation